Three of Wands: Expanding from Within

The Three of Wands in the Lumina Tarot shows an all-seeing eye surrounded by three wands and lots of energy. Ruled by the Fire element, the Three of Wands is often assigned meanings such as expanding one’s horizons, planning, and travel. In this deck, however, the imagery points within. It is an invitation for us to take a good look inside of us and see where there is room for growth. We are called to look into our hearts and minds and find where there is room for expansion. As we turn our gaze within in introspection, meditation, or simply mindfulness, we uncover the sources of what’s been holding us back. Our attention is brought to that one thing, or couple of things, that we know damn well would open our hearts to great freedom and the undoing of blockages, if only we quit avoiding doing that thing (yes, that damn dreaded thing). We are often times standing in the way of our own freedom. Whatever is blocking our heart sometimes is something we could address with a couple of steps. But those steps would have consequences. And they scare us shitless. So we stay where we are, heart blocked, frozen; completely unhappy with our circumstances that we know we could change if only we had the guts. The Three of Wands invites us to look beyond the thing, to look past the dreaded consequences, and straight towards our liberation. The Eye sees past our ego’s fears of change and discomfort; and sees straight ahead, into the vision of us transformed, unshackled, joyful, unfettered, and free. That Eye is your soul’s knowing. That vision is your ultimate freedom. Standing in the way are threats to the ego’s comfort. We are called to go through it and out – out of this prison; away from the bondage. On the other side, you stand pristine, radiant and bright. The blemishes that covered your light will be no more, tears wiped off your cheeks, a smile of peace touching your face. Take the step. Start walking towards that place. The journey will certainly not be easy. But the prize… the prize will make it all worth it.