We Are Released into Freedom and Light. Energy Check In.

Folks, things are looking good for forward movement and for the cultivation of high energy and enthusiasm. Moreover, we are being collectively released from whatever has been holding us back and keeping us tied to lower vibrations or limited forms of thinking. Not that the Universe was conspiring against us. But that moment of Cosmic pause that we have been in is coming to an end. We see this with The Devil reversed. This reversal softens the bite of The Devil card, and can speak of release and liberation, as though we have realized that the chains around our necks were loose, and decided to take them off and reclaim our inherent freedom. The Page of Wands, the keeper of the Sacred Fire, beckons the arrival of a new sunrise, a new period of the Light shining brightly upon our lives, enabling us to see more clearly the path ahead, to understand what needs to be done, and to engage in that work with enthusiasm and a sense of holy purpose. “The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”

So the coming days are an excellent time to get in touch with the inner Light, and to ask that It illuminate our path and give us guidance on how to march ahead, what to focus on, what to turn away from. That way, we can wisely invest our energies into our growth, with knowledge of what seeks to emerge through us at this moment, and of what is primed to thrive. Blessings and Light!