Listening and Creating

If you listen deep enough, you will hear the sounds of a river of possiblity that runs below all of reality. The river of Spirit constantly washes everything with creation. The energy of the Ace of Cups is like an eternal flow of new life, and with it, new ideas, new beginnings, incredible possibilities and limitless creativity. When we open ourselves up to this river, we are flooded with images of what could be, with constant invitations to create and to channel into the world the inspiration we have received. But not everything is meant to necessarily be. If you listened to every idea, you may spend your entire life beginning new things without finishing the ones you started. With the Ace of Pentacles, however, we tune into what truly seeks to emerge out onto the manifest Cosmos. We connect with the patterns of the world around us and truly see which ones of the inifite possiblities of Spirit wish to be born in our lives as new creations, new endeavors, and fresh starts. With the works of our hands, we bless the idea, and start to give it shape. Like Spirit created the world and all that dwells in it, we too bring our life and its inhabitants into being. It starts with listening and breathing it in; and it evolves through finding what’s aligned with our path and breathing it out.

This month of April, if you feel called to, choose to bless the world with your creations. What wants to burst through you? What is called for, what is needed, what has the right conditions to be manifest? In this intersection of inspiration and possiblity lies immense power. The power to create shapes and let the Universe fulfill them. The power to declare and bring things into existence. This is a time of creation. What wonder will you create?