Week Ahead: Awakening to Spirit-based living. A Reading for Humanity.

This reading goes from Knight of Pentacles in one end, and into Knight of Cups on the other side. This shows us this week going from action based mainly on concrete results into action aligned with our heart’s truth and intuitive insight. This means there are darker valleys to be crossed in this process of transformation, as we let go of attachment to the material world only, and onto more spiritually-minded, seriously free modes of Being. I see that here with Death and The Moon. This is a week of transformation within, of shedding skin and of facing the shadow. Up ahead our hearts will be called to task as to how much strength and faith in the Unknown it can hold, as the Universe asks us to freefall into its arms.

3 of Wands as the “Us” card, speaks of expansion of the Fire of the Soul into unprecedented levels of growth, from inside out. Temperance shows the influence of cosmic and interpersonal forces seeking to maintain balanced yet transformational sets of events showing up at our door, aimed at transmuting our views from earth to water based. There will be more collective receptivity for the healing of the Whole.

King of Wands asks us to awaken to our greatest potential to live as free beings; to embody our will to heal, to save, and to transform; and to let that propel us through the fear and the doubt that we will cross as we journey into the new, uncharted personal territory. Let the fire of the innermost Life see you through. Knight of Cups sees any challenges on the path ahead as we undergo change and trusts Spirit and the evolutionary path without the need to see proof or guaranty of any kind.

The week ahead is here to show us how to live even more deeply from a Spirit-based place, in connection with our inner Guidance without the need to external validation. There can be fear and shadows in this process, but the liberation it promises shines very bright. May your days be filled with this Light.