Preparing for Taurus season: burning out the old, making room for the new

The days ahead are for inner work. Pretty soon the Moon will be Full again. But what about the Moon in our hearts, is it almost full too? Or is it perhaps hovering at Waxing Gibbous, prevented from its full shine by a bit of spiritual debris here and there; by beliefs from the old cycle that haven’t been let go of, obscuring the light; by disappointment and regret about our growth and spiritual path; by the seeking of external validation for truths that only really need to live within? I am getting a strong message of inner preparation, of conscious release and preparing for the new—again. Let the last fires of Aries burn away what’s dead; let it burn away the yellow grasses so that fresh, green ones may grow with Taurus. Taurus comes with great Might. The growth then will be more slow, but much more stable. It will be a bringing down to the earth plane of the designs that are inscribed into our awareness. Our homework is to clear up the blueprint of our goals, desires, and dreams. That way, what takes form in our lives will be in alignment with the highest purpose for our lives, even if uncomfortable or undesirable from the self’s perspective. Let what stands in your path be burned away. Let us make room for the new.