Minty Fresh as Mercury enters Aries. Astro talk & Reading

Today’s card from the Shaman Wisdom Oracle Cards is Number 29 – Mint (Masculine/East/Mercury/Air), and it could not be more relevant for today, as Mercury enters Aries. This card contains East energy, which Aries is associated with in its potential for starts that are new and fresh like Mint. This card’s astrological association is Mercury. The element is Air for communication, thinking, and stands for the very medium that connects everything. Mint even sounds a bit like “Mind.” This means, loved ones, that we are entering a new, powerful phase in the way we think and see the world, in the way we process information, in the manner through which we are living embodiments of the Divine, and in how we share Truth with the world. If you crush Mint in your hands, there scent is really powerful. It cleanses, purifies, and makes room for the new. With the Sun moving into Taurus in just a couple of days, we are invited to clear our minds, clear our hearts and nervous system, and invite rejuvenation and reinvigoration to lift us up. Mercury in Aries brings directedness. The communication between Spirit and matter can become more direct, opening portals for magic and manifestation. We all have a chance to embody The Magician, who is ruled by Mercury. This is also a chance for honesty in our communications, and speed of thought when called for. These are some delicious energies!

Of course, when left unchecked, there’s the potential for aggressiveness in words, negative talk, uncalled-for bluntness, and overkill in our reactions. As an Aries Mercury myself, trust me, I know! Lol. Be careful not to say things in a moment of zealotry or self-protection that you may come to regret later. Instead, try to say what you mean, without the added sting.

The Air feels light today, at least for me. Things are flowing. Be sure to check in with Mercury, and with your inner Magician, feeling empowered in the might of your mind and of your words. Blessings!