Things Will Start Moving! Energy Check-in

Hi friends. Let’s see what today’s energies have in store for us. I feel like this is a time when many of willl see the beginnings of the undoing of things that have held them back for long, and the beginning stages of new victories that have been long awaited. In other words, the things that you may have been waiting for patiently may start to arrive. Not everything will necessarily arrive soon, but we may begin to see their emergence in our lives, or to see the path through which we will arrive there. The Empress invites us to be open to receive what the Universe sends our way. At times, when we are nearing a breakthrough, things may get rougher. We see that with the 9 of Wands here. We are put in a defensive position, looking to stand our ground and prevent the loss of everything we have worked so hard for! We are urged not to give up, and to persist, because things may get more challenging before they give. The 8 of Wands, in turn, is the energetic pull, letting us know that up ahead for the collective there will be a period of movement and of activity. This isn’t random activity, but it is when everything that has been slow to act starts to finally give in to transformation and to happenings. The vine that has grown so tepidly will start to produce fruit. With two cards of the Wands suit, today and the following days will present some intensity and the rising up of our inner life force to give us strength to carry on. Makes sense with today’s moon still in Aries going into a gorgeous New Moon in Taurus tomorrow. The red color of the Wands, we see in the Empress’ scepter, and here I believe the Empress is calling on us not to avoid whatever arises, but to grab onto it and be open and receptive to the events that life brings our way for our evolution, growth, and liberation. Blessings of strength and perseverance to you. May you know the cosmic power that you carry within your heart.