Today We Honor the Leap of the Soul. A Reading for Humanity!

The Fool + 10 of Cups. This is a day in which we feel the leap of the soul, urging us forward. Today is a day when we can hear the gentle whisper of the soul, asking that we continue on with the journeys we have started, that we give our energy to the new beginnings that emerged, and to the potentials that have awakened within us. Today we honor the drive to go on, to leap onto the spiritual highways that will take us to our destination. That destination, the 10 of Cups, is full of joy, but a joy that is not hollow—it arises from our growth, from victories, from going about life step by step as we climb the ladder of our individual and collective realizations and understandings. Today is about what you can do for yourself, that you may feel gratitude tomorrow. Today is a day in which “future you” will look back and think, “Ah! That was a time when I set myself up for victory.” And you can set yourself up for growth and fulfillment by feeling into the soul’s leap, and honoring it. Today, take the leap with your soul, jumping into the unknown, but knowing that Joy will be there to greet you no matter the results.