Sitting with the Fiery Impulse: a Reading for Humanity

With this moon in Cancer, the Queen of Pentacles graces us with her presence today, asking that we sit here for a while, with the bear of our will lying peacefully by our side. The Fool, representing the impulse of our spirit, is here included in the Queen’s embrace. When we have the urge to act hastily, to forge ahead regardless of the consequences; when we figured out what is holding us back and feel the need to move on and away; the Queen invites us to sit down, to hold that impulse in our hands, and to stay with it for a little while. Fire can burn us, but when put in a container of clay, we can use it safely to warm us up. So if this reading resonates with you at this point in time, you are asked to create a space within yourself, as the earthy Queen of Pentacles, to gestate and give time to your impulses and drives. When you feel like running away, you are simply asked to stay one more night. After sleeping it off like the bear in the card, you can take a fresh look at things. You can reconnect with the impulse, if it’s still there. You can redirect its strength, if after pausing you are seeing things from a deeper perspective. Or you can really go for it, after giving things thought and deciding that the fury road is really the one you ought to take.  In any event, you have peace. Do honor your urge to move on—it is a whisper from your soul, and for good reason. But also do give love to the parts of yourself that are unsure, comfortable where they are; to the sides of you that are reconciliatory and wanting to be home. Give your whole self the grace of your presence. Today’s blessings are for your entire being. Be well.