The 3 of Wands: Expansion of the Inner Fire

The number 3s in the tarot are a number of growth and expansion. With Wands being the suit of spirit, of fire, of creative energy and sexual impulse, the 3 of Wands can indicate the growth and expansion of the very life force within us. When given fuel, the fire within our heart grows in all directions, breaking down barriers within and around us, and causing great expansion in our world. The walls around us get broken down, and the layers of the self are pushed further out.  This can manifest as the conquering of new horizons, as the opening of our minds to newer and greater things, and even as the expansion of our physical reach as we travel and go places. In any event, 3 of Wands energy indicates evolution that is not inflated, or action that is not forced. Instead, this power arises spontaneously out of the well-fed fire in our heart. When we honor the creative, sexual and life impulse within us, we are feeding a hot and holy flame. This flame helps us burn down old aspects of ourselves that were in need of weeding; it helps us tear down obstacles in our path; it opens the doors wide open to a world of possibility and adventure. The 3 of Wands is so mighty, and it exists within your heart. Yours is the power to break down what stands in your way, including the parts of yourself that have been holding you down. Yours is the strength, yours is the fire, and yours is the power. Amen.