No Need for External Validation. A Reading for Humanity.

The King of Cups is so in touch with the wisdom of their heart that they are fully guided by the insight that comes from within. They are fully capable of acting and making decisions based on what they know must be done. Reversed, however, this card can indicate an inability to trust the inner guidance. We may be waiting for external validation before we take important action. This can mean that we have entire areas of our life that are on hold, or we may be avoiding doing important things because we are waiting on the external world to soothe us and make confirmations for us. In other words, we want outside guarantees that our decisions and actions will result in completely comfortable, non-risky, and super chill scenarios. However, such is not life. Our actions don’t all have guarantees. And when we forego the guidance from within, avoiding action that spirit is asking us to take; we can prevent our own liberation. The 9 of Pentacles, as the guidance card, asks us to take hold of our own spiritual freedom and independence from outside validation. It invites us into a place of trust of our intuitive hunches and soul whispers, a place where we are not afraid to do what’s right, what’s best for us, what we’ve been asked to do, even if challenging and a bit scary. If we continue waiting on worldly events to give us a heads up, we may very well stay where we are for a long time. But as we tap into the freedom of our spirit, we gather courage to act in spite of circumstances. Blessings of inner freedom and determination to you!