Temperance and the fire of our Awakening

When you get back in touch with your inner fire after years of sleeping, you suddenly become aware of a reality around you that feels foreign and otherworldly. Your eyes open up, seemingly for the first time, to a life that doesn’t seem yours. It feels like the circumstances that were normal just a little while ago are completely unacceptable now. The lack of love that you received and that you treated yourself with for so long suddenly makes itself shown. Your own shortcomings throughout the years suddenly reflect back to you all that you no longer wish to be. The newborn joy in your heart meets this cold scenario, and shockwaves go out in every direction. Waves of impatience seek to shatter everything. Anger takes hold. Self-righteousness shows up. You become the victim of something you participated in, albeit unconsciously. Going back to sleep is not an option, so what to do with the rekindled fire? The angel of Temperance appears, blessing and confirming your awakening. But she beckons patience when you wish everything would be fixed right away. What took so many years to do, may take a little while to undo. She points at the anger in your heart, the anger at others in your life that don’t match your newfound vibration. Those bridges in disrepair for so long—some will take a while to be repaired too. And other connections will disappear altogether, their purpose having been fulfilled. The angel brings stillness when you would rather engage in a mad frenzy of activity to make you feel like you are in control. The habits and patterns that you held for so long will take a while to change and adapt to your new life as well. That is how Temperance brings harmony and balance. When we embody this energy, we deeply trust divine timing. We forgive the past and engage with the present with boldness but patience; with justice but love; with intrepid action yet with surrender. Some things change right away, others will in their due time. We participate in this process and also simply observe—all from the stillness in our heart.