Mindfulness and the 8 of Wands Reversed

The 8 of Wands Reversed is a balm to soothe our spirits amidst the chaotic speed with which the world operates. During this Gemini season, a bright light seems to be turned on in our brains, illuminating yet also potentially obfuscating our vision. Additionally, beginning today and for two more days, the Moon is in Aries, bringing yet more energy and volatility to the cosmic realm. Reversed 8 of Wands is the tranquility within the eye of the storm. As the world rises up in a windy fury, we are called to remain within our center. This period is exceptionally good for the practice of mindfulness. Yes, mindfulness. That is the word that keeps popping up in my head as I observe the card I pulled. You can see that the wands in the illustration resemble a sunrise. The reversal to me means that the sun rises not out there, over the horizon; but in here, within us. It is the emergence of consciousness that watches reality, not in inner turmoil, but as the eternal witness. Whereas lately has been a really productive time for me, I have been making some mistakes. Overlooking some things, forgetting to do others. A week flies by and I don’t know where it went. It’s almost June already. So, this message came at the right time for me. I am recommitting to my mindfulness practice… beginning the day by being one with the breath, and ending it the same way. Focusing on what my hands are doing, and being thankful that they have things to do. Gemini rules the hands, after all; and Aries, the head. When the head and the hands are unified, mindfulness arises. Harmony emerges. We act with consciousness, and we think about our deeds. There is so much peace in this, and tangible results too. In the midst of the chaos and speed of life, try engaging with your whole being. Bring your heart into what you do, and your eyes, and your hands and feet. As we engage with life thus, we become one with things. And through this, we become one with All. Our work is improved, time slows down, and peace bubbles up. That is our message for today: the practice of serenity amidst a fast-paced world, despite our restless minds. Who’s with me?!