The Knight of Wands: Unfettered Spirit

Still on the road! And I pulled a card that is the epitome of action and movement, the Knight of Wands. The fire Knight represents the harnessing of our inner fire—our spirit, our will, our drive and our dreams—in a way that causes us to get up from our butts and really go for it. This Knight does not spend a lot of time planning or thinking or feeling. No, they just gather up the courage in their heart and do what needs to be done. In a sense, this card’s energy demonstrates raw movement and power, as though the inner powerhouse of Spirit within us were unimpeded by fears or worries, unobstructed by overthinking, released and free. When we step into Knight of Wands in our lives, we don’t worry about every little detail of our endeavors, and we don’t doubt our abilities. Instead, we simply get out of the way of the immense power we all contain, and let the highest aspects of ourselves carry us all the way through. The journey may be so fast it can cause vertigo, but riding with this prince means advancement and, if all goes right, accomplishment. They invite you today to look into your self, and identity the parts of your being that may be standing in the way of your goals and dreams. What fears can be addressed, what habits transformed, what vision may be sharpened, what baggage may be left behind? As our fire becomes more and more unobstructed, we travel much more lightly. Our energy carries us farther, and we reach new plateaus in our lives, in the ongoing process of evolution. It starts with believing in your own inner power as your own Knight.