Making Friends with Fear. A Reading for Humanity.

Have you tried to overcome a fear? Like, REALLY worked with yourself and with Spirit to get over something you are fearful of? To conquer something that curtails your freedom, that keeps you paralyzed when you need to walk? Let me tell you, it takes real work, determination and discipline. The fear only begins to lessen once we’ve identified it, stopped avoiding it, and started to face it. Not necessarily all at once… but in incremental, self-loving steps aimed at our ultimate freedom. Our instinct is to recoil from what frightens us, and as we feed the avoidance, it just becomes stronger, fortifying the phobia. You start trying to control every little circumstance around the fearful scenario, as the ego tries to manipulate reality to keep things 100% comfortable. That only solidifies the feared thing. On the 9 of Swords from the Serpentfire Tarot, the fear is represented by a black void that threatens to engulf everything. The person, however, is illuminated by a ray of light. That is part of the 9 of Swords medicine: as we awaken to our fear, we begin to see through it. At one point we may not have been fully aware of exactly what it is that scares us. But once we’ve had enough of fear’s cold, imprisoning fingers, we observe it. By observing it, we become familiar with it. And from there, we can start to take real steps in our mental and emotional training towards overcoming it. The Page of Wands represents that courageous, fiery impulse that arises from the soul that seeks liberation from the world’s grasp. This Page takes the first glimpses of insight into the nature of fear, and runs with it, beginning an entirely new phase in our existence: one in which we are brave, courageous, and able to act DESPITE whatever we fear. The steps go on. Once familiar with the fear, we are able to sit with it. Instead of turning away, we face it, and let our heart be consumed by it. Like a hot fire, we feel the heat, and stay where we are. We continue doing what we’re doing, even scared. As we continue the work, we realize to our surprise that we are becoming COMFORTABLE with the fear. We may still be scared shitless, but that’s ok. We don’t run away, or panic, or get dizzy, or faint. Again, we forge ahead even with dread in our heart. And that is the path that leads towards liberation: towards complete freedom from said fear; or at least the ability to function despite its existence. It all starts with a realization that the fear is there, and it grows with incremental steps towards facing it, being comfortable with it, and overcoming. It’s a process. It’s deep healing. It’s true liberation. I wish you a life unfettered by fears of this or that. I wish you the deepest of freedoms!