7 of Wands. The Higher That We Climb, The More the Ladder Sways

Seven of Wands. This is a breaking point. You have worked so hard to get to where you are right now. There has been so much sweat and tears invested in your life, in your passions, in the conquering of your dreams, in your ultimate liberation. You can almost taste victory. In fact, you are already in a victorious place just for the fact of having succeeded thus far, yet you know there is more. There is yet greater freedom over the horizon—yet deeper conquests. But you have elevated yourself to a point where the stakes are so high, where if one thing went wrong, it would derail the whole endeavor. You start to guard your progress against unknown dangers. You stand guard against the risks, against sinking back to hold habits that would just put you back where you were. This is a time when you have no choice but to be strong, and stay courageous, and be brave. Braver than you ever thought you could be. But you have no other option if you want to see finished the castle that you’ve been building. Here, up on this elevated plateau, the heights are dizzying. The higher that we climb, the more the ladder sways. And you must hang on. Hold steadfast to your new principles, your new habits, and your new decisions. Hang on to your reborn Self. The old you would turn back in fear. The old you would recoil in face of the challenges that are inherent in this advanced phase of the journey. But you have awakened. Giving up is no longer an option. You wipe the sweat off your brow, and turn your gaze away from the dangers. You look intently at your final destination and vow never to look back. You will soon be there. Releasing the temptation to run away, you get back on the road, screaming “I am not turning back!” The wind nudges you forward, and the scary heights stay way behind. You are almost there.