Patience, Surrender and Manifestation with the Maiden of Pentacles

Maiden of Pentacles asks you to be patient, because this is just the beginning. It may have taken you quite the journey in evolution to arrive to where you are right now, to a point in which you are more apt at transforming the world around you consciously, and to a place in which you are creating a life that is more free, more stable, more loving and more abundant. This Page often appears for me, and in readings for others, as an antidote to the restlessness and agitation that arise out of wanting our rewards to be here NOW. It’s like we are planted a seed, and now we try to make it sprout faster by sitting next to its container and urging it to hurry up. That’s not how it works. Sure, some things manifest with great speed. However, most take their time. It takes a bit of time for the universe to prepare the way for us, for the right season to arrive, for the perfect conditions to make themselves shown. You may have transformed yourself completely as a person, yet the results of the seeds you planted for so many years are still emerging now. Some of those seeds may not have been things that were in your best interest. Even though we are renewed, we still see arise in our lives restricting or undesirable conditions that we planted in the past. And that’s ok. It’s all part of the process. And the good conditions that we are sowing now will appear, beginning now but also in the future. In the meanwhile we may look upon the undesirable crops with forgiveness, knowing that better ones are to come. We free ourselves from the need to control outcomes, releasing our wishes and our new projects and our new ways of being onto the ether of the Unknown, having faith that it finds fertile soil there. And we water it with patience, trust, surrender and release. May our dreams come true. May our evolution give fruit. Knowing that everything arrives at the right time, we let go of the tight grip. It is done. Let it be. So it is.