The Moon and Fears: a Portal into the Self

Your fears are a portal to a greater understanding of yourself. Your worries are windows into the most tender parts of your being. The Moon card, that often speaks of facing the darker aspects of ourselves, and coming to terms with our fears, shows a gate guarded by two canines… one is your conscious self. The other, the wild one that resides within. The conscious dog barks in alarm, asking you not to go deeper into circumstances that will cause you to come face to face with that which terrorizes you. The wolf, however, howls and beckons you to go on and meet the challenge. Studying our fears is a great way to find greater liberation in this world. They show you the cracks in your worldview. They may tell you what nags at you when you find yourself restless, apparently for no reason. Fear of people will show you parts of your relationship to humanity. Fear of disease will show you aspects of your relationship to life. What fears ail you, and what do they reveal to you? As you look into them, you are looking into a gate that leads into your subconscious mind, and into your heart. And facing and overcoming–even if just one of them–will show you strength that you didn’t know you had. Armed with this victory, you will go hunting for more of them in the night. But to hunt, you need to gain your night vision. The wolf will teach you how to see, but first you need to answer its call. The call leads you to an arena, in which you will meet the fear you see. Turn back, and you will just postpone the encounter. Go on, and show your opponent its defeat. At times your mere presence will make it disappear. Other times, it will be a real test of courage. On the other side, however, there is liberation. There is deep knowledge of yourself. There is clarity as to what holds you back. Darkness is the portal, but light is the destination.