Empowered to Transform. A Reading for Humanity!

The energies of today are conducive to the use of personal power and strength to bring to a conclusion and to an end that which has been holding us back in any layer of our being. In other words, today we may choose our own power to enact deep transformation in our lives.

I drew a reading with the Serpentfire Tarot, and then a side one with the Lumina, both containing Death (today’s Moon is in Scorpio, ruler of the Death card!!!) We see the theme of transformation and ending here. The Death card for me can often signifies the ending of something that really needs to go, scenarios or modes of being, or habits or thought patterns, that need to just die. In that sense Death brings sweet relief. It’s over and done! And this can be up to us. The 7oW in the Energy position speaks of using our personal power and our inner fire to establish and maintain our position in the world and within ourselves. The Nine of Pentacles in the Blessing position again brings a vibe of independence and empowerment, in using of our gifts in service and love to the world. It’s as though the person in the 7ofW has found themself amidst the glory and now, in the 9oP, stands ready to act.

The Emperor as the Challenge suggests it may be difficult to stay the course, to avoid freaking out at the big changes that this transformation entails, to keep ourselves cool, collected and stable as we work together with the Cosmos in bringing into our lives people and situations that cause us to face what’s been holding us back, and to undo those things. Death as the Energetic Pull says that we are going HIGHER (see Jacob’s Ladder on the card), towards greater awakening as we die to fear, distrust, dishonesty, discourage, and ignorance of Truth.

The side reading sums up the above: through our emboldened choices and actions (2oW), we find out transformation and liberation (Death). It is through connecting with our inner power that we can end those things that stand in our way, once and for all. Let what no longer serves your path be gone! Let what holds you back be dissolved, not to be remembered again. Be made new! Embody your newness, embrace your power, change your life!