Getting Clear on What’s Next. A Reading for Humanity–Week Ahead.

In this final week of Gemini season we see a final push of mental awareness, decision-making, and clarity seeking before we plunge into the waters of Cancer. The 4 of Wands in our Past shows a platform of stable passions and contained inner fire that enables us to take a leap in the realm of possibility, as seen by The Fool in the Present position. In other words, by finding harmony in our lives we were able to create a jumping point into the next, into the new, and into what’s possible for our future. In the near Future, the 9 of Wands Rx shows us staying here in this place of possibility-setting and mission-finding for a little longer, despite any impatience. The energies we are being given are meant to help understand what’s here. The Queen of Cups as the “We” position speaks to this duality of meditation and action—we reach deep within us into what seeks to emerge in our lives, and we also reach out onto what we are being called to undertake. The Queen reaches out into The Hermit, in the Influences position. [Continued in comments. Full text also on]

The Hermit confirms that Cosmic forces this week are conducive to delving inwards and getting clear on how we would like to utilize our energies in the next cycle of our lives. We may find ourselves having alone time, and we can use that to heal and to understand. The Guidance card is the Knight of Swords, who has so much agility of the mind, bending any situation and scenario into new possibilities. What are the lessons of the recent past guiding us towards? How can we grow from them? What should we focus on next? There are many potentials available. It’s up to us to choose how to apply them. The Two of Swords as the Outcome card speaks of the undoing of the lack of clarity that may have made us unsure as to our next steps. It shows us drawing within for a moment (Hermit), finding our next action steps and potentials (Knight of Swords), and finding our guiding light in that process. From there, we know what to do.

In sum, this reading shows an interplay of a desire to forge ahead in life, into new beginnings (The Fool, 9oW Rx), on one hand; and a need to find a mental map of our next steps, on the other hand. In this nexus of action and meditation, we take a moment to get clear about where we want to focus our energy in the next cycle. Where do we want to heal? Do we want to start a new venture? Do we want to finish things we have started? Should we release something that’s not working out? Should we devote ourselves to our heart connections and relationships instead? Should we leave everything behind and start a new? The answer is within you. As you step away from the dueling forces and delve within, you have a chance to find it. Blessings of clarity and peace to you!