Nettle and The Flow of Emotions. Heart medicine practice.

Nettle invites us to check into the flow of our emotions. This is reminding me of something I read in The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer. He spoke about how on any given day, we go through all these experiences, and experience all these emotions; and how so much of that, instead of coming in and out of our awareness, gets “stuck” in our hearts. I am paraphrasing here–Singer is much for elegant in his description. But that concept really stuck with me. The power of our experiences stays in our bodies, stays in our hearts, and later on we may find ourselves lacking peace, or distraught, stressed out–what have you—without knowing why. Over the course of years, all of that accumulates, too. It clogs the heart. It closes us to the ultimate reality of Spirit, which is peace. Singer suggests that we allow the flow of emotions and experiences to come in, through, and out. Not that we are ignoring reality, or avoiding anything. We just don’t let certain things take up residence in our soul. We notice the experience and its corresponding emotions come in, we acknowledge them, and we simply allow them to continue on in their path out of the heart. We embody this flow on deep level: in, through and out. Try it! You will see how much lighter you will feel, particularly as you practice more. As we awaken to the subtle realities and energies of the Cosmos around and in us, we realize that being “in the flow” goes much deeper than any talk of productivity or creativity. It involves opening our eyes to the connections between the deepest part of ourselves and the universal flow of energy and experience. Now take a deep breath! On the exhale, breathe it alllllll out.