8 of Swords: Realizing your Liberation

The 8 of Swords represents the unveiling of our eyes, when we come to deep realizations as to what binds us and holds us back. We project so much onto our reality, including myriad things that really have no separate existence. Like a horror movie projector, we cast onto the world a variety of monsters and scary scenarios. Many of them are just our brains trying to keep us safe. But many others are sourced in the story we have created for the world, and for our circumstances, and for how our doomsday will arrive, without any of it being necessarily true. One thing that we are scared about, be it related to our finances, well-being, safety, or health; can unravel and tie itself to all sorts views we hold about everything in the world. The world becomes imprisoned in our intricate web of fear projection and avoidance. And we become imprisoned along with the whole world. But as we start the journey of removing our blindfolds, we realize that one taste of freedom calls for more. If we find conscious and purposeful liberation from just one of the things that bind us, we wonder what other of our views are similarly wrong, distorted, and based on no standing reality of their own. One by one, the web of self-deceit starts to unravel. Strand by strand, the world becomes free. And we, we become free with the world.