The ‘Levels of Mind’ Spread

The “Levels of Mind” spread seeks to understand present reality by gaining insight into the thing that perceives it: the mind. Based on classical 3-card spreads, such as the Past, Present & Future or Body, Mind & Spirit, this spread asks the cards to reveal information into the different layers of consciousness. You pull one card for the Subconscious part of the mind; one for the Conscious; and yet another for the Superconscious. In the graphic I provide some keywords to help you tap into the different layers of the mind and things that they may be related to. But the magic is yours to make. This spread is particularly good to gain brief yet integral understanding of a question, an issue, of a period of time; by taking into consideration what underlying processes may be supporting the issue, what can be clearly seen or understood, and what our oversoul may be guiding us to.