Rise & Shine with the Son of the Morning. A Reading for Humanity.

We start the week off strong with a release of a resting period. The Four of Swords Reversed heralds the end of a meditative or healing period, in which we stopped and rested and took care of ourselves however we could. Whereas the 4 of Swords can indicate a need to pause, take it easy and heal; its reversal can represent release into action. Like a bear that wakes up after a period of hibernation, finds herself hungry, and starts foraging for berries. This energy is like the morning sun, erupting in warmth after the healing night. Speaking of the morning sun, the other card in our reading is who the Golden Dawn tradition calls the “Son of the Morning”: The Emperor. This card is ruled by Aries, a sign that rules the Sunrise. After all, it represents the first burst of cosmic energy. So, the Emperor carries this vibrant energy of the early morning, of the rising sun, of fresh enthusiasm and optimist for what the day will bring. And tomorrow the moon goes into Aries. So today, a Monday, this reading invites you to tap into your inner sunrise, and if you feel called to, draw from these potent energies to help defrost anything in you that’s cold or still sleeping, and to wake up to the potential and to the blessings of this day, of this week, of this time. Rise up, daughters of the Sun! Awaken, sons of the dawn! Your dreams await you. Your life is here. They are waiting for you to greet them.