Moth, Wolf, and the Sweet Nectar of Surrender. A Reading for Humanity.

These two energies play together interestingly. Moth was the card I pulled, and Wolf was at the bottom of the deck. Moth is flighty, rushing from one thing to the next, perhaps even bypassing the more difficult aspects of life in order to quickly find the light. But in the spiritual path, the way out is through. We don’t get the lotus without the mud. Wolf, on the other hand, is such an amazing leader, and watches over life with great care. Out of balance, however, Wolf is overbearing on life, imposing their will upon circumstances and people, trying to commandeer existence into being whatever Wolf wants it to be. When joined, these energies speak of entering the flow with sweet, sweet surrender. Surrender is so powerful because it is a state that we may enter consciously, albeit due to often impossible situations. Within the flower of surrender there is sweet, sweet nectar. The world becomes less burdensome all of a sudden. In this state we remember that we are a drop in an ocean, and we can let things be, having done our part. When in alignment, Moth stays with what’s here, without rushing onto supposedly greener pastures. Moth bows to the spiritual lessons of the day, and sits down with them for a chat. Aligned Wolf brings their entire presence to bear on what’s present in our lives, even the challenging things. Maybe the challenges are here because of things we’ve done in the past, or to help us with some breakthrough, or to keep us from getting too comfortable. Growth and evolution are what our souls are always urging us towards, after all. Moth and Wolf hold deep reverence for the soul curriculum of this day. Open your heart to what’s present in your life today, without commandeering or avoidance. Spirit’s gifts come in all forms. As you surrender to the truth, there is a greater chance that you won’t pass them by.