Plunge into Healing. A Reading for Humanity.

Oof, we are really in the feels, aren’t we? I pulled a Past-Present-Future for us, with a Guidance card. In the Past we have the 5 of Cups, showing us having recently left and being still heavily influenced by deep, difficult emotions related to regret, or loss, or confusion as to our life path. Things that you may have taken for granted aren’t all what they seemed, leaving you feeling without moors and without knowing how to regain your sense of balance. This inner conflict represented by the 5 in the 5oC continues on to our Present, with yet another 5, the 5 of Swords. This card shows a hangover of the difficult feelings of the recent past, lingering as a bummed-out feeling. There is guilt here. Guilt for what you could have done differently, for not having paid more attention to the signs that there was something wrong, for not heeding the karmic lessons that you feel keep coming back in cycles. In my experience, those emotional ups-and-downs related to karmic cycles can often be shown by the 5oC as well. As the thick of the 5oC emotional pain dissipates, its mental component remains in the present in the form of guilt and shame as shown by the 5oS. But let’s not stay here. There is healing to be done. In our Future there is the Queen of Cups Rx. QoC is the card of deep waters, when we are neck deep in the realities of the emotional and psychic realm. This is when we take a dive through what’s ailing us, so that we may reemerge stronger and more healed. The reversal of this card indicates that this work is internal. Now, it’s not so much about what the world is doing—it’s about how we are internally processing everything that happened. On the other side of this, The Sun shines, showing hope and awakening after this healing process. But first, we dive deep, a theme repeated by our guidance card, The Hanged Man. The Hanged invites us to plunge with QoC, to let go of our past constructs that were the source of our pain, to release the past behavior and belief sets that brought us shame and regret, to surrender our hearts to the present reality in search of healing. In sum: go through this cycle. Plunge right in. Let it wash away the pain.