Faith in the Unseen. A Reading for Humanity.

Through The Star we have hope. Hope and faith, that we are indeed going in the right direction, despite the doubt that reality may impress upon us. The Star is the lighthouse that guides us through the foggy seas of life on Earth. It is often so hard to discern whether we are indeed headed where we think we are. We may feel confident and faithful in one moment, trusting the spiritual wisdom we receive, and the mystical truth we have learned. In another moment, however, the little voice of disbelief takes over, nagging you to believe that you are just a little creature on a space rock and that nothing really matters anyways. But the Maiden of Cups stands for the truth that speaks up from within, the voice of the eternal that reminds us that ultimate reality is not what we see with the eyes of flesh, but what is realized by the eye of spirit. Don’t lose hope because things aren’t looking like they will work out. Don’t lose faith because the lands you have set course for seem so, so far away. The Universe is shifty in appearances. As the Maiden of Cups, you imagine great things in your mind and heart. With The Star, you are invited to deposit your faith in that which your soul can see for you. The Maiden sees the unseen, The Star keeps your course until it comes to be. Don’t let the appearances of the world dictate your reality. They would have you give up, confused and disappointed at promises unfulfilled. Trust, instead, what the inner eye sees. Hold steadfast to that holy sight. As the path gets rough, it will be your light.