Inner Peace Keeping. A Reading for Humanity!

The Queen of Swords has no problem kicking out of her life anything that is not in keeping with her flow of harmony and balance. She can use her sword to banish things out. In other words, she has a mind that is able to say no when needed, and to keep things out. Over commitment? Pass. Taking on more than one can handle? No, thanks. Spending too much? Ugh. Self-defeating habits? GTFO!

Combined with the Two of Pentacles, today’s Queen of Swords is a guardian of her inner peace. If you think about it, that center of peace in our hearts is what we desire out of most situations. Whether you are at work, dealing with spousal issues, or figuring out your life projects, what you are seeking is peace of mind and heart amidst the movement of life. The Two of Pentacles speaks to that movement, symbolizing the flow of one thing to the next, one endeavor to another, from one life cycle to a new one. As things transition all around and within us, the Two of Pentacles maintains a harmonious, natural flow of transformation. When we are aligned with that energy, we feel like we are in the flow, in our game, handling life just fine, thank you very much. And the Queen of Swords is the keeper of that place of smooth change. Ask yourself, what threatens your peace of mind? What seeks to throw you off your balance? What or who needs to get the fuck out? Be badass like the Queen of Swords. She would have none of this. May we all keep our peace today!