Seeing Beyond the Limits of Fear. A Reading for Humanity.

How is fear of not getting the things you want holding you back? The 9 of Swords often speaks of fear, or of the shadows that encircle us, seeking to come in and take away our peace. In the card, you can see the weight of nine swords coming down upon the person’s head, like the pressure and angst caused by the weight of all our worries and concerns. But what fear is this card pointing to today? It points to the 9 of Cups Reversed. The 9oC can symbolize emotional fulfillment through the accomplishment of our desires. Reversed, those desires may not have been fulfilled after all, leaving our hearts empty because our happiness depended on acquiring those things. So, combined, these two cards speak of the fear of not getting what we want, and how we can micromanage reality, and project our idea of success and happiness onto the universe. This can be a recipe for entering long cycles of fear, failure, and further fear. Spirit knows what’s the best and highest for our growth and evolution, and for our happiness as well. When we have rigid concepts as to what will make us happy, or as to exactly how our dreams will come about, we place limits upon the cosmos. We close our eyes to even greater good than we imagined. We limit the realm of possibilities by deciding what we need and how we’re going to get it.

The oracle card I pulled goes amazingly well with the reading, bringing this medicine: “Thank You, Universe, for helping me see beyond the limits of fear. Thank you for expanding my perceptions so that I can see what is the highest good.” Ahhh!!! In this expanded field of awareness, our happiness is not anchored to any particular thing or condition, and our peace of mind is not tied to any particular method through which our Good will arrive. Let us be free in this expansion, thus paving the way for miracles. Declare: “my good is here, and it arrives according to divine wisdom, and so it is.” Let it be so.

Decks: Tarot: The Luminous Void Tarot. Oracle: The Universe Has Your Back: