Week Ahead Tarotscopes – Aries through Pisces

My offering to the collective: tarot readings for each sign for this week ahead! Feel free to drop a comment below!

Aries: 2 of Cups. This week for you, dear ram, will be about maintaining your emotional balance. The 2 of Cups speaks of harmony in our emotions, in our subsconcious mind, and in our heart connections and relationships. You achieve these things by being in harmony with your own Self. Aries rules the Self, after all. As you find unity within, that harmony will be extended out onto your emotional body and life connections.

Taurus: Justice. Little bulls, there may be a need to come to the truth to yourself about where you stand with what’s happening in your life. Denying the uncomfortable aspects of your reality may only exacerbate things. Instead, return to a balanced state of mind, honestly understanding the world around you, making decisions to release what no longer serves, and to alter course where necessarily.

Gemini: 9 of Wands. This will be a week of perseverance for you, air babies. You may have dedicated yourself to a pursuit in your life, and may be left wondering if it would be best just to cut your losses and give up now. But don’t! The end of the cycle is around the corner, but not where yet. Stay the course!

Cancer: 4 of Cups. Moonchildren, take inventory of your emotions, bringing them back to a place of comfort and gratitude. Remember to take care of things that are already here, and within your immediate surroundings, before venturing off to work on new things. Your heart feels full and you may want to bring many others into your embrace, but remember to take good care of your self too. Make your own wellbeing a priority and others will benefit too.

Leo: King of Wands. You are really starting to feel it, aren’t you, Leo’s? Your season approaching, I’m noticing my Leo friends starting to really come alive. Haha! King of Wands has a strong Leo association, so as your card it invites you to really step into your own power in all its glory. Be yourself this week, and handle things from a position of stable use of fire energy, directing your drive, your passion, sexuality and spirituality in a steady, powerful way.

Virgo: The Star Rx. My incredible earth children, focus on your own healing this week. This may be a good time to pause your healing of others to focus on your own, so that you may recuperate your strength and heal and be able to continue offering healing once that’s done. Where there is lack of faith as to your path, work to transform it into full trust in your journey.

Libra: Ace of Cups. Open yourself up and give yourself another chance at emotional flow, dear Libra. While you may feel the need to continue protecting your heart in this week ahead, you may have good opportunities to open up a little bit, in a safe environment, to let some of what’s been bottled up flow out, and maybe even room for something new in the heart department. So remain open to possibilities in the areas of heart connections, intuitive knowledge, and emotional wellbeing.

Scorpio: The Fool Rx. This is a good time to begin yet another inward journey, Scorpio. You may start to feel an impulse to take off, but the flight that you are being invited to take is one in your own mind and heart. In other words, this is a portal into your own intentions, motivations and true desires, so that you may direct your outward efforts in an aligned manner. Maybe pause before you jump, this week, and assess the situation with the truth of your heart in mind.

Sagittarius: 3 of Wands. You beautiful archer, this week focus your energies towards directions you have already set your eyes towards. You know which direction to go, despite any doubts along the way, and this week has the potential to give you emotional clarity to propel you forward. Allow what you have been working on to grow and give fruit before deciding to change course!

Capricorn: The Emperor. For you Capricorn, this week will feel stable, and you may encounter opportunities to use your skills and resources to connect yourself with community building and life engineering. Don’t give in to your urge to execute your plans alone without the support of your connection network, be it at work or at home.

Aquarius: Temperance. This week, water bearer, invites you to balance out your incredible analytical skills with compassion and empathy. Even though your ideas may truly be the best, and the most well thought out, do take into account the feelings and concerns of everyone else that is involved. Strong mind, strong heart.

Pisces: 7 of Cups. Pisces, even though you may feel mostly at home in the energies of the week ahead, you may be left uncertain as to which steps to take next in your endeavors and in your journey. However, instead of feeling lost, see this time as a chance to be creative, and to let innovative creative solutions find expression through you. Your emotional intelligence and depth will be called into action this week, giving you an opportunity to create while also healing.