A Sacred Container for our Healing. A Reading for Humanity.

Today is a sacred container, dear ones. Our oracle card very potently affirms “My outer experiences are a reflection of my internal condition.” As the full moon in the card peaks from behind the fog, so today does the moon shine full in Capricorn. This is not a time to run away from our inner realities. It is not a time to avoid our feelings, our disappointment, our yearnings, our emotional state. No, this is a time to go in so that, with the 6 of Swords, we may navigate towards our healing. We are invited to have the courage to sail towards the choppy waters of our inner turbulence, so that we may arrive at calmer bays up ahead. How is this done, however? With a fair bit of self-containment, and self-control, and courage. It takes determination to show up to our inner realms. It takes guts to face whatever is causing a storm within us. But The Emperor reminds us that we are more than capable of taking on the work of freeing ourselves. The Emperor is number 4, a number that is a container. A sacred container for our own healing. Its walls are built of willpower, personal drive, and self-responsibility. Although The Emperor is ruled by Aries, today they are giving me a Capricorn feel, radiating building and growing abilities, and practical wisdom par none. This full moon being in Capricorn, we are being bathed in these powerful energies that are so conducive to building. Let today’s building be done within. Let’s show up for ourselves, and honor the voices that are crying for help within. By engaging in this work, your inner choppy waters will eventually subside into a calm lake. A reflection will appear upon these still waters. That reflection will be your outer experiences, mirroring and dancing to the tranquility and peace that you hold within.