6 of Cups. Trusting Our Healing Journey.

In the 6 of Cups, one child bows to another. It is our own self bowing to our inner child. This child is still growing. At times it rebels against our chosen path. This child is wounded, and asking for healing. This child has trauma that aches and throbs with our pulsating heart. Our inner child asks for help, and on the path to freedom we must stop, listen, and give it the nourishment and healing that it deserves. But the healing of the inner child—the deep healing of our souls—is not a very comfortable experience. No, the healing path often takes us out of our comfort zone, and into fear zones, into the unknown, through experiences that may be difficult but that are designed by Spirit with our highest and best in mind. Whatever healing paths we have avoided, we will meander and wander until we decide to step back and accept their invitation to walk down their sinuous but restorative ways. This takes trust. Trust that the experiences that arise right in front of our eyes are indeed sent here by an Intelligence that knows what we need for our evolution and liberation. Trust that we aren’t being punished by our circumstances—but that we are been freed by them. When the Cosmos takes a turn on us, we bow to it and we trust deep in the soul. When healing opportunities are sent our way, even if they look scary or uncomfortable, we trust the direction of the Universe, and we know we are being guided. You are guided today, and forever. So it is.