I am the Dreamer of my Dreams. A Reading for Humanity.

If I am the dreamer of my dreams, I am the dreamer of my nightmares, too. Life often presents us to situations and circumstances to help us wake up from our bad dreams. When we overcome something, maybe small, we realize how much of the fear, resistance, and worry was of our own making. We are constantly feeding our mind with fodder for bad dreams. We keep entertaining the undesirable scenarios in our head and then wonder why we’re so anxious. We play our victimization fantasies over and over in our minds, only adding to our sense of separation and distance from the world. But, when we’ve had enough, we realize that we are creating many of the shadows we are scared of. The 9 of Swords can speak of this realization, of having had enough of the fear thoughts. Of having the courage to turn on the lights so that the apparent monsters reveal themselves as nothing to be afraid of. We realize we have been the dreamer of this nightmare all along. If we have the power to create shadows, how much more capable are we of creating light? By stepping into our shoes as the dreamer of our own dreams, we take radical responsibility for our thoughts, for our mind, and for our wellbeing. One by one, we replace the thoughts of fear with thoughts of love. Word by word, the story of our lives start to be retold. Wake up, dear one, from the nightmare. And return to the peaceful dreams that Spirit has held in trust for you all along.