7 of Swords: Cultivating Presence

Today I pulled the 7 of Swords. Its message was a bit different than its usual meaning. In the card, the person is escaping a situation with a bunch of swords. The word that’s coming to me is “escapism.” That resonates for me today. How often am I not fully present, feeling antsy for the next thing, or trying to escape the fullness of what is? In a reading about life in general, this card can appear as an invitation for us to check in with ourselves: have we really taken account of all the goodness that is already here, before urging onto something else? As it beckons us onto deep presence, the 7 of Swords is an powerful mindfulness check. By choosing to embrace the present, we become free to more fully appreciate whatever arises in the future. What aspect of your life can you infuse with more presence?