One Foot After the Other. A Reading for Humanity!

The first thing I noticed upon gazing at these cards I pulled this morning was the similar gait and position of both figures. They are both leaning forward; very attentive to what’s in their hands, with their arms surrounding what’s in front of them. The Page of Cups has their attention devoted to the message they have received, to the inspiration they discovered within themselves, to the call from Spirit to go on and let their heart flourish through their work. The person in the Seven of Coins is wholly devoted to their garden, and to what they are tending to. This card is often about diligent undertaking, patient work, and waiting for the fruits of our labor. Together, these cards speak a unified message of dedication, mindfulness, and care. When I drew them, what came to my mind was: “Today, devote yourself to what’s right in front of you.” When you know you will have a busy day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. When there is a lot going on, we can lose our peace to the many happenings of the day. The medicine is simple yet effective: put one foot in front of the other. One step at a time. Don’t be distracted by what’s happening over there, or by the nagging feeling that there is something wrong looming over the horizon. Instead, direct your gaze towards what is truly arising in this moment, remaining connected to your source of inspiration. Embrace this moment, however it presents itself, without piling upon yourself further responsibilities. Whatever you can handle today, that’s enough. It’s more than enough. You are enough. Blessings!