This is a Portal of Alignment and Dream Setting. A Reading for Humanity.

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Humanity, today and the coming days are like an opening of clarity for us, to check in with our path and bring ourselves back into a place of alignment with our deepest desires and greatest dreams. The card crowning the deck, The Lovers, speaks of alignment between our actions and our desires; our heart and our soul; our mind and our heart. In the Past position, we have the 6 of Pentacles, showing us swimming around in the flow of our life, giving as much as we can, and becoming ready to receive. We can be thankful now for anything we have done to heal the world, and we open up to receive healing as well.

But this state of flow may need a little bit of direction now. Justice in the Present beckons us to not only bring our lives back into balance and harmony, but, more importantly, to get real about our situation, our blessings and challenges at the moment, and to be brutally honest with ourselves about where this path that we are on will lead us. If you don’t change a single thing in your life right now, where will things be headed? If your heart assents, you are aligned. If there is discomfort as to what the future may hold, then there is an invitation for you to either make a course correction or to embrace that very future.

In the Future position, by the way, we see the 3 of Wands, showing the great growth and expansion available for us as we live in harmony with our highest and best, as we act in accordance to our highest vision for our lives. There is a wave of growth up ahead for the collective; will we be ready to ride it? How can we set ourselves up NOW to maximize this potential?

Finally, our oracle card calls on you to live your desires UNAPOLOGETICALLY. As long as you are not harming anyone, live your desire with no guilt, no shame, no matter what it is. Your dreams are co-creations of Spirit. Give them complete freedom in your heart and mind! As you focus on heart-fueled goals, and get real with where things are, and what adjustments need to be made, your dream will grow and take hold in the physical plane. Be ready. Be ready for your dreams to come through.