Plunging into Cosmic Awareness. Aquarius Full Moon. A Reading for Humanity.

“My fearless freedom lights up the world”, says our oracle card of the day. What a powerfully matching affirmation for this day in which the full moon is in Aquarius and the Sun is in Leo. By touching the inner and the personal, and connecting it with the cosmic, we enter into a dance of empowerment and enlightenment with the collective. Our minds are not our own, being connected with every mind as one universal sentience. When we awaken to our personal freedom in fearlessness and strength, we wake up a bit of the whole world with us.

The tarot gives us Strength today as the energy of the day. Strength is ruled by Leo, asking us to anchor our hearts in the might of our spirit, always shining bright like a thousand suns. We bear true witness to the monsters within and without, calling into the gentle light any part of ourselves that wants to recoil in fear. Our courage to live does not arise out of a complete lack of fear… no, it emerges despite of and through the pain. Our guidance card, The High Priestess, invites a deep plunge into the energies of today’s Aquarian moon. Priestess encourages a dive into the depths of cosmic awareness. When we connect with the vastness of the Cosmos, of the consciousness that permeates every life in the universe, our littleness gives way to deep, abiding peace.

Today we are called onto a paradigm shift, one in which each one of us is part and parcel of a great Whole. Our earthly selves are quite fearful little creatures when separated and alone. But when we are awakened to the single reality from which we each emerge, we get a taste of fearless freedom. Our liberation does not stop at the individual level—rather, it is collective. Today we hold hands in facing the unknown. Blessings of collective awakening to all of humankind!