Transmuting Suffering into Beauty. Healing the world. A Reading for Humanity!

I asked “what is the energy of today?” and out came Queen of Cups Frida Kahlo from the amazing Serpentfire Tarot. What kind of energy would be a Frida Kahlo day? Frida was a Cancer. Today, the energetic landscape is conducive to being in touch with our emotions, even the uncomfortable parts thereof. Emotional wisdom means we don’t hide anything from ourselves. We acknowledge and bow to the frightened, hurt, and sore parts of ourselves. Not only that, we let our healing be a transformative practice for the whole world. When we embody this Queen of Cups / Kahlo energy, we transmute our suffering into beauty. We join others in their struggle and make it our own. Once we find our healing, we broadcast it as inspiration, so that others that thought they had no hope can understand that healing is for them also. In the image, a halo of concentric circles crowns Frida. It shows the grace that reverberated from her very heart to all of humankind, through her art and life. This reading asks each one of us: how can we be of healing service today?

On another note, this card also indicates a day of deepened intuitive potential and being in touch with the depths of our psyche and subconscious reality. It recommends mindful clearing and protecting of our sacred inner spaces. To that end:

In the medicine pouch today: Turquoise for protection, Amethyst for healing and intuition, Yarrow oil for protection with clove (by Riseupgoodwitch).

For emotional check in, check out the “All the Feels” spread created by my friend @meditativemystic on Instagram, a Cancer sun/Pisces moon queen herself! 🦀