Virgo Season Collective Reading and Tarotscopes

Welcome to Virgo Season, a time of harvesting and deep healing. Below you will find both a collective reading for Virgo season, as well as Tarotscopes per zodiac sign! Check your sun, rising, and moon, and whatever else resonates!

Decks: both versions of the Luminous Void: the original, larger edition and the new Shuffle edition.

Reading for Humanity!

The Energy for Virgo season here is the Eight of Cups. The little cloaked figure on the card on the classic Smith Waite deck reminds me of The Hermit card, which ruled by Virgo. This card can stand for the emotional component of Hermit energy, embodying the emotional intelligence of someone who is able to withdraw temporarily from the world to find realignment of the heart, healing and balance. This is not necessarily a complete separation from everyone, but a continuous practice of going within to discern and clarify. This is particularly relevant after a period of intense activity and energized sense of self such as in the Leo season that we just left.

Our Guidance is the Queen of Swords, a card that is not usually associated directly with Virgo, with which the Queen of Pentacles archetype is more connected. However, the Sword Queen has an ability that we often associate with Virgo: their analytical and discerning abilities. We are being asked to parse through our path, our efforts and actions thus far, and see which of them must be given continuance and which we need to let go of and release. What has been healing, and what has worsened our wounds? What has been working out and what has not? In doing this self analysis, we separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, in our inner landscape. Virgo season is all about spiritual harvesting and healing, after all.

The Energetic Pull, or outcome, is Justice Reversed clarified by The Moon Reversed. While we are in the process of discernment in our path, this card cautions us not to swing too far into the realm of fear-based thinking, allowing our worst case scenarios to dictate our life. We are asked to listen to and honor the worries of our heart, but also to act from a place of personal empowerment and courage rather than from an anxiety-ridden mindset.  Worry and anxiety being a “low vibe” aspect of Virgo, this admonition from the cards come at a perfect time.

Tarotscopes for Virgo Season

♈  Aries. 3 of Cups. Fellow Aries child, Virgo season is here to give you some much-needed earth energy and show you personal expansion through community and collective endeavors. This is a great time to use the individual power for the highest good of all involved. Connecting to our shared efforts goes a long way in empowering and strengthening ourselves as individuals. So you, Aries, as the first sign are being called to use your unique ability to tap into ancestral lines and bring them out for collective transformation and healing.

♉  Taurus. 5 of Discs. Earth children, this Virgo season offers you an opportunity to reflect upon, analyze and bring back into order certain things and realities within your material realm. 5 of Discs can represent conflict or struggle in the earth realm, which can show up as financial contraction, or much needed focus on health. Whatever area of your life could use some TLC at the moment, this card suggests you tap into the best healing and intelligence that Virgo season has to offer, to bring those areas back into a state of harmony.

♊  Gemini. Page of Cups. Gemini, after the outward expansion of Leo, Virgo calls for some going within. For you, this will greatly revolved around getting in touch with intuition and with your deepest sources of clarity and insight. Get out of the brain for a bit and into the heart, where there is guidance on the path ahead. There will be plenty of messages coming up from within, so stay tuned to your own compass. You may want to engage in spiritual and life practices aimed at silencing the brain and amplifying the voice of the heart and intuition. As a Gemini moon myself, I certainly plan on deepening my meditation practice for the period ahead!

♋  Cancer. Five of Cups. For you Cancer, Virgo may feel like a gentle and safe place in which you can open your heart to yourself and engage in some much-needed emotional healing and resolution of emotional conflict. The protective and healing energies of Virgo provide a suitable place for you to see what’s under the shell and bring some light into the sources of pain, loss and regret that have been bothering you lately. On the other side of this there is the chance for a much lighter heart and elevated spirits! To get there, you are invited to tend to whatever inner wounds that at this time you are ready to look into.

Leo. Three of Wands. Like your Fire cousins that got the 3 of Cups, this is a period of continued expansion, Leos, drawing from and continuing the beautiful work that you have had under your season that just passed. Good time to give continuance and invigorate your existing projects and endeavors, including ventures of the heart and of a spiritual nature!

♍  Virgo. 5 of Swords. Happy your season, Virgo! 5 of Swords can often denote mental conflict of varying types. For you, the message I am getting is “untying mental knots.” What are the mindsets, wounds, beliefs of perspectives that keep your thoughts going in circles, seemingly unable to reach a final answer? This reading asks that you embody the highest vibrations of Virgo to help dissolve those knots: intelligence, practicality, embodied wisdom and whole-being integration.

♎  Libra. 4 of Discs Reversed. Maybe there are some things that you are holding on to too hard, dear Libra. Avoidance of risk or pain may be causing you to withdraw in some aspect of your life. This card recommends that you use of Virgo season to heal your connection to the material world, to your body and to your connections by opening yourself into a state of greater flow, that you may witness the blessings that will come back your way. Embody your inherently generous spirit, and don’t let the world callous it over. We need all your healing love, to the extent that you are able to give it at the moment!

♏  Scorpio. Queen of Swords. That’s also our guidance card for the collective, Scorpio. As usual, our shared human wounds will be a major theme for you in this coming period. Events and inner states will be coming for you that will highlight your unparalleled emotional strength and endurance of heart. I have a ton of Scorpio friends, and you all are bad ass! Use that courage in working within your own heart too. There are mysteries and personal demons to be braved, and clarity to gain. Without diving deep within, some aspects of your path may continue to be foggy and unclear. Queen of Swords combined with Virgo energy helps you fiercely cut through overgrown vegetation, and clear up a path of for your journey ahead.

♐  Sagittarius. Queen of Discs. Dear Sag, what a beautiful card for this season! Queen of Discs is an amazing direct embodiment of Virgo energy. I’m sensing a call for you to use of your energy towards yourself in a grounding way. What is your high vision for your best health and good relationship with your body? What aims do you have for a more balanced living? Queen of Discs asks you to, at least for a period, direct your passion towards love and healing of your own self.

♑  Capricorn. King of Swords. You will likely be very in your own element this Virgo season, Capricorn, as an earth sign like yours. Trust your instincts, trust your decisions, and rule your life from a place of power. You may go through a period of mental clarity and emboldened choices. I’m sensing good things in store for you, my little sea goats!

♒  Aquarius. Ace of Discs. For you, child of the Cosmos, Virgo season promises the opening of doors in the earth realm, specially if you get your hands busy! Apply your expansive intelligence towards acting in the world, and you will see rewards in the form of new opportunities, and maybe even the undoing of persistent blocks and obstacles. The combination of your mind and your hand in this period are indeed very promising for you, dear Aquarius!

Pisces. 8 of Wands. The Virgos that I know are very lively in their work. This liveliness in the midst of increased activity is this season’s invitation for you, Pisces babies! 8 of Wands in my experience always signifies things picking up. When life starts flying, we take a ride with it! This is a chance to cooperate with the Universe in utilizing higher energies and channeling them towards your life. Whether you need something started, improved or finished, this time will give you ample opportunity to follow through. It’s simply a matter of showing up for your own self. We do that by rising up to inner callings, and by not letting many opportunities to pass by. Mindful alertness and willingness to say “yes” when it resonates will go a long way for you, lovely Pisces.

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