A Healed Relationship to the Material. A Reading for Humanity.

As Virgo season comes into full swing, we are left seriously considering our relationship with our bodies, with our life structures, and with the earthly realm. With the 6 of Cups as the Energy, there is quite a bit of pensiveness, and of longing here. 6 of Cups also speaks of deep healing. We long for our healing in how we operate in the material level. From the 6 of Cups to the King of Pentacles, the last card, there is a connecting line. King of Pentacles represents full establishment and abundant stability. With the 6 of Cups, we wish that we had reached that place of healing already. When will we be able to stop worrying about the tangible aspects of our lives? When will we finally feel safe, and secure, with our needs all met? The world can feel so unstable and scary. When will it be healed? When will our place in this world feel established and respected? We just want to deliver our gifts to the world, without needing to worry about how we will make ends meet. The 9 of Swords peeks from underneath the deck, indicating a significant amount of concern and fear in the energies of the collective.

The Focus card is the 3 of Swords. This asks us to look right into the discomfort, into the longing for healing, and the associated aches and pains. This is not a time for avoidance. Healing our relationships with the structures of this world, and working to heal those structures wherever they need mending, is something that requires honesty but also self-compassion. It is understandable that we feel the way we feel, nauseated by the ocean of life that tosses us this way or that way. Also, 3 of Swords plus 6 of Cups is a combination that evokes looking into our past trauma and ancestral pain to see how they may be painting a picture of the world that needs to be redone.

The Challenge card is the 3 of Pentacles. 3s are a number of growth. We have two of them in this reading, meaning that our process of learning to live in the earth is one of growth and expansion. These are soul lessons as we learn to expand in this world, which include fulfillment and establishment in our bodies, in our money life, in our connections to society. In any event, the 3 of Pentacles can mean growth in the physical, and collaboration with other people. It simply says that the obstacles, the uphill battles, and the challenges are a normal part of this evolutionary process. Let us not be discouraged when faced with a climb. Step by step, especially with the help of others, we can conquer any mountain.

This reading is about healing our sense of safety, security –bodily or financial—in this manifest world. As our soul lives and evolves, it will find obstacles on that path. Those challenges come with their dose of pain, which we are invited to witness with kindness and self-compassion. There is so much growth and expansion available here, and we can use the impetus of that power to overcome whatever stands in our way. Blessings of safety and security to you and yours!