Keep Up the Good Hermit Work! Week Ahead, Reading for Humanity.

Ok everybody this week continues our cosmic ass-kicking session. Just kidding! Not really. I don’t know about y’all, but Virgo season has been a strict yet enlightening teacher for me. Things have been coming onto my awareness from different directions, claiming to be analyzed, addressed, figured out. I had a hard time at first but now that the energies are settling in, I am grateful for my upgraded sense of purpose and commitment to healing different areas of my life.

This Reading for Humanity calls on us to continue that work. The Energy is The Hermit, ruled by Virgo, which season we are in, and joined by Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Damn! Ok, we get it Universe! Let’s get to twerk. The Hermit beckons us to continue giving serious attention to the areas of our lives that could use upgrades, rearranging, healing and practical transformation. Let’s continue finding alignment with our health and with the well being of our bodies. Let us continue developing our financial health and our relationship with the energetic and material currencies of the world. This is particularly true given the 5 of Pentacles as the Energetic Pull… this card shows a trend for conflict in the material realm if proper action is not taken. This can mean difficulty with managing our responsibilities, our money resources, and even being out of touch with our health. But if our Hermit work is done, we can avoid those challenges and conflicts.

Our Guidance card is the 4 of Wands, the “Lord of Perfected Work”, and it asks us pay attention to those feelings of inadequacy or restlessness that Virgo can evoke. You know that nagging feeling that there is something wrong? Often that comes from an anxious nervous system, but sometimes those are here to spur us into action and to help us figure things out. Today’s intuitive reading of this card invites finding stability and grounding through our continued efforts. In simpler terms, the direction in which some things in our lives were going scared us into planning and action, and the 4 of Wands suggests we continue with that work. But we can act from a place of trust and not fear.

The Hierophant as the Challenge says it may be hard to trust our inner teacher and to have faith that the plans and path we have devised are the correct ones. We may doubt that we are doing things “the right way” to avoid the undesirable destinations we have feared. The medicine is to trust our inner guide, trust that we are doing all we can, and trust that we are being guided towards a life of harmony between body and spirit, the material and the spiritual, our small self and our Higher Self. We can listen to the urgings of our soul, and act when necessary, all from an empowered place. Loving commitments to our health and material wellbeing are great medicine for these days!