Pick a Message! Hope & Dreams

Two messages! Pick whatever from the above resonates—or both—and see what message Spirit has for you:

Left: “Hope is the conduit for Miracles” + 7 of Wands. Sometimes we feel like the world is encircling us, with challenges, conflict and obstacles seeming to come from every each way. This can burden our heart with concern for what’s around the corner, as we fight to stand our ground and not lose what we’ve worked so hard for so far. Maybe you don’t have enough strength right now to have full confidence and faith. Your medicine, then, is simply hope. Hope that things will turn out for the better, and that every challenge will come with its blessing. Hope that things you have already declared losses will rise back up. When we remain in a hopeful state, we make room for possibilities and change to break through. As you hold onto hope, you pave the way for true miracles and wonders to occur.

Right: “”There is a stream of love supporting my dreams” + The Magician. This is a powerful time for you. This power is always available, but this is the time to tap into it deeper. Whatever your dreams are, whatever your Spirit-inspired goals and aspirations may be, they have support from the Cosmos. The Universe breathes as you, and dreams through you. When you assent to the voice of inspiration that rises up from within you, you are saying “yes” to the Divine. And you begin co-creating through a process that involves the whole world, as synchronicities and perfect timing rush to greet you. As you consciously enter this vortex, powerful manifestation occurs. If your intention is like a stream, then Love is like a rushing river, carrying you and your dreams far into materialization. There is always a stream of Love supporting your dreams. Let yourself be swept up in this torrent of energy!

Decks: The Universe Has Your Back and The Mary El tarot