Lighting the Lamp of Awareness. A Reading for Humanity.

This looks like it’s shaping up to be a week of introspection, going within, and getting in touch with our innermost sources of guidance and clarity. In our Past, we have the 7 of Cups Rx, which I believe speaks to a release from this lasting sense of illusion and maybe even confusion that many of us have experienced in the past couple of weeks. Whereas the worst of this deconstructing period has passed, there is yet work to be done in figuring things out in our lives and in reaching clarity as to the path ahead. I say that because of the 5 of Swords in the Present position, which indicates that there is quite a bit of mental conflict and uncertainty left. Are we really going in the right direction? Are we doing the right thing? We may be asking ourselves.

In the near Future, The Moon awaits us. This says that before our conflicts of the moment may be overcome, there is introspection to do, fears to be faced, and darkness to be understood. Even though we may be guided by light, there are lots of dark patches all around. The invitation is to shine a light of awareness onto them, as invited by The Hermit, the card in the “We” position. This card has appeared consistently in our readings since the beginning of Virgo season, which makes sense as The Hermit is ruled thereby. We may already be feeling an urge to either practice mindful withdrawing from the world, or to continue with that practice if we already started.

Again, the Lamp of awareness and soul guidance is available, and it is here to help us make sense of this world, and to better understand our purpose, calling, and path. We reach that light by turning our gaze within. This inner going will have support from forces outside ourselves this coming week. The 8 of Cups as the Influence card indicates an emotionally transitional period for the collective. I see everyone busy with their own journeys, seeking to escape whatever pain has ailed them so far. We are right there with our fellow humans in this journey, hiking towards a place of greater peace.

The Guidance card, that the Mary El tarot has repeated for me on every single reading, calls forth our inherent resilience, perseverance, and tenacity as we fight back the urge to give up and to get back to a life that may be more comfortable, but with less evolutionary potential—with fewer possibilities of growth. This is not outward action, however. These energies invite us to stand the ground from within our own bodies in taking good care of our immediate lives. Our Outcome card, the High Priestess Reversed, is a strong warning, a gate that the Universe closes for our own safety and wellbeing. Before urging things on, we are asked to get back into a state of being deeply in touch with our inner guidance and intuitive insight. The waters will flow yet again, but for now, restoration of our connection to Source is needed.

Crowning the deck, Death was reversed (in the picture, it is upright to showcase the art). Death Reversed is also a blissfully closed gate. It’s a deep invitation to remain here, to finish our spiritual and personal business, and to avoid jumping onto new starts. There is yet deep transformation to be done here. After that, the gates will be open, and the torrent of life will take us to new places once again.