Divinely Protected. A Reading for Humanity.

I’m sensing uncertainty in the air… like feelings of being lost or unsure? Could be this Pisces Full Moon approaching… Pisces energy for me shakes up the foundations of reality before it blesses with vision. It can feel disorienting. Remember my post of a couple of days ago, with that stunning red dragonfly perched and perfectly still? Well, it reappeared again in today’s reading, as the red dragonfly on The Emperor’s head. The Mary El Tarot guidebook says this dragonfly is a symbol of fire energy, contained in the Emperor that as we know is ruled by Aries (which is my sun sign, I’ll take these as a personal sign, Spirit!) This Emperor is holding a sword adorned with Fish not unlike the symbol of Pisces. Dragonflies are often messengers of spiritual connection, a reminder to stay in touch with the spirit world. Today, Dragonfly calls on us to connect with Divine Masculine, or simply the Divine–however it is that you understand the sense of order, creation and structure of the Cosmos.

Sometimes we just want to feel safe, and watched over, and safeguarded. In this Universe of few guarantees, we just want to feel that at the very least there is a bit of order amidst all the chaos. And although there are no promises that we won’t get hurt, or go through challenges or adversities, there exists the promise that the forces of the cosmos do indeed flow in an intentional direction. There is directionality to life, from chaos to organized life, from rudimentary modes of perception all the way to Mind. There is relief in knowing that we are part of that orchestra… in knowing that when we ask, Spirit listens.

Many of us may be going through some tough shit right now. Challenges and real fear. What we can do is create a safe container for our being, through our connection to Source and through our practice, so that we are watched over as we transition into calmer waters, as seen with the 6 of Swords. There we are, huddled with our loved ones, trying to survive the storm. An angel with red wings watches over us, as the Divine embodied in the Emperor does the same. May you be safe today, dear one. May you and yours be safe, watched over, and happy.