Softening of the Energetic Landscape. Libra season.

πŸ•Š The energies are softening, dear ones. Libra brings the remembrance that it is quite possible to have deep awareness of the world without desperation in the mind. It brings mental balance and equilibrium. Representing pure potential in the mental realm, the Ace of Swords from the Lumina Tarot announces the arrival of that reawakening to stillness of the mind. From the Mary El Tarot, the 2 of Disks plays off that awareness, doubling up its theme of balance coupled with true sight. One coin in the image looks within, the other, without. Moon energy and Sun energy. Our dualities coexisting through harmonious change. As we soften up from the transforming yet often severe lessons of the Virgo season past, the cosmos gives us a chance to breathe as Libra arrives. The 6 of Disks says that this harmony is not a dead endβ€”it will lead to further evolution. Number 6, like number 2, is also a number of balance. But with 6, two groups of 3 are being balanced on each end, transforming simple balance into harmony amidst complex growth. We are being led into the flow, in a very felt way. This is the flow of loving and receiving; of thinking and creating; of believing and emerging; of truly seeing life in all its ebbs and flows, in its deaths and rebirths, without despair touching our brows. This portal is a softening that is soothing yet realistic. Will you walk down this middle way?