King of Swords: Embodying Big Mind

King of Swords keeps us connected to expansive awareness. Air is the great connector, the vast space in which reality exists. It is primordial mind. In that realm, this card is King. When we are tapped into that expanse, our minds are merged with that of the universe. We no longer see ourselves as separate entities. It feels as though our bodies don’t even exist and that all there is infinite, all-knowing, cosmic mind. What are the problems of everyday life, when compared to such greatness? What are our limitations, our little worries, even our big concerns? At this higher level, they are absolutely nothing. This King has traversed the entire cycle of the Swords suit, and all of the possible sufferings and awakenings of the mind. Instead of fallen as the figure in the 10 of Swords, this King stands tall. Their brave gaze does not come from ignorance or bypassing. Their proud stance is the result of deep embodiment of universal awareness, regardless of the vicissitudes of life. When we embody King of Swords, we acknowledge we are one with Big Mind.