The King of Cups: a powerful channel of love

🦀 All the four Kings in the tarot refer back to the sense of cosmic structure and order of The Emperor. The King of Cups brings that sacred containment to the Water realm, dealing with mastery over their relationships, intuitive powers, individual subconscious reality, and the shared unconscious that connects us to the entire collective. Water, the catalyst of life, and the unifier of all Being, is so tremendously strong. When channeled, it is a force to be reckoned with, capable of breaking down barriers and bringing life and destruction wherever it is directed. The Emperor energy contained in the four Kings provides this channeling through structure. Whereas the Queen of Cups, a master of the inner domain, reminds me of deep oceanic waters (water of water); I like to understand the King of Cups as a mighty torrent, like a waterfall that is given shape and then released (water of earth). High-vibe King of Cups breaks down the divisions that separate us, through the power of love and true seeing of our perfect Unity. They are not easily swayed from their anchored center. King of Cups brings the entire human family towards a loving embrace, reminding us of the depth of our shared being. Where there once were barren lands, this King directs and brings the water of life. We embody this King as we create space for mending of our relations, when we allow our deep Truth to direct our lives, and when we engage in the healing of the world. 🦀