The Higher We Climb, the More the Ladder Sways: Nine of Swords

The higher that we climb, the more the ladder sways. As we move forward in areas of our lives, the stakes get higher. From up here, any wind that comes our way, as weak as it may be, threatens to topple the whole thing over. And that is why the Nine of Swords is often associated with fear, worry and anxiety. Being number 9, it means we are nearing completion of some sort. But as the Swords suit rules over thoughts, it shows how fragile our mind can be in dealing with conclusions, endings, and attachment to outcomes. The swaying of the ladder shakes our entire mental state. The good news is: we are still climbing higher. From up here, the view is more expansive, you can see faraway lands, and there is so much more depth. But the heights are still dizzying. It’s exhilarating and frightening at once. It’s the mind coming to its wits’ end.