Hanged Man Rx: Holding Back our Transformation

Do you ever feel like you are holding back your own transformation, avoidant of your own release? We often keep some of our deepest healing at bay, for fear of the confrontations that they will entail. Some of our greatest obstacles are often connected to truths that we would rather not face, thinking we need more time to prepare, and that we’ll be ready next time. Our growth slows down, and our evolution in some areas comes to a halt. We look at the same issues and limitations that have been nagging us for so long, and realize their lack of resolution may be due to our own stalling. Hanged Man Reversed represents some of that avoidant energy. The waters of our life become dammed, and things remain in suspension: relief for old challenges remains halted. Until we let go, parts of our life will stay suspended. Dying relationships, stale habits, and tired worldviews keep us on seemingly unending loops. Unaligned work and modes of being feel like cement boots that prevent us from our journey. In advance of this Scorpio season, and its great opportunities for deep transformation, this reading is an invitation to meditate. Consider the things that are stalling your continued liberation. Take note of those old patterns. Let us set an intention for freedom. May we have the strength to truly see and to take steps to let things go. May the universe support us in this sacred endeavor. May we come out feeling lighter and healed on the other side.