The Empress: Holy Allowing and a Poem!

Today I am making this day one of allowing… are you with me? The Empress is divine opening, it is creation through letting Spirit be manifest in all its freedom. It is getting out of the way. It is holy receiving. Today I am not making plans. Today I’m giving the linear thinking some rest. Letting the masculine brain take a nap. I am setting an intention for inspiration that rises up freely, unprompted, surprising like a shooting star that only streaks the sky when you are not looking. Let us put our anxieties in a jar, and place it in the river that is life, and let them flow downstream. Let us take a dip in those moving waters too—naked, unafraid, surrendered, free in the innocence that is our birthright. May creativity kiss our foreheads when we least expect. May divine intelligence plan out our day, our week… hell, our entire lifetime for that matter! Today I am getting myself out of the way, that I may open up, that I may receive. Will you take my hand and come with me?